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All Rebul packaging crates are made using recycled kraft paper, biodegradable honeycomb paper boards, and water based glue. This makes them the ideal sustainable packaging and crating solution for environmentally friendly and eco-conscious individuals and organizations. Rebul Crates are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. The crates have insulating properties, provide more protection than cardboard packaging and are up to 80% lighter compared to wooden crates.

 We custom make each crate according to the dimensions(LxWxH), weight, mode of transport and destination of the item(s). Customization options include addition of handles, pallet bases, reinforced bases, lid openings, and upon request wood integration. No minimum order size or quantity. No fumigation required (ISPM-15 exempt). Various material thickness options available depending on level of protection required, weight and volumetric requirements.

Crates have been used extensively for storing, moving and shipping chandeliers, furniture, electronic equipment and components, industrial and pharmaceutical equipment and produce, artwork, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glassware, agri and aquaculture produce, wines, tents, displays, decor, and electronics amongst other valuable, heavy, fragile, sensitive, bespoke and unique shaped items.


Honeycomb Paper Boards

Versatile and easy to work with kraft brown boards and white graphic boards used extensively by manufacturing and printing industries. Used in house to manufacture packaging and shipping crates.

 Honeycomb Paper 

Lightweight, crush resistant, and biodegradable material commonly used in packaging and door manufacturing and void filling. Name is derived from the structure the cells form.
Honeycomb Paper


Biodegradable Honeycomb Paper Pallets

eco-friendly packaging honeycomb paper crates
Recyclable, biodegradable and durable. Available in industry specific and custom sizes. Used extensively and integrated in our eco-friendly packaging solutions and crates. Lightweight and ideal for airfreight.


Recyclable and biodegradable kraft paper tape, adhesion is activated once water has been applied to the underside of the tape. Used in-house to seal our crates.
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