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Freight Crates

The internationally patented Rebul Freight Crate represents smart, environmentally friendly crating.

All Rebul Freight Crates are made entirely out of renewably grown and biodegradable materials. However, the crates are still just as strong and shock absorbent as conventional wooden crating and up to 70% lighter to transport.

The crate's unique lock mechanism makes it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of tools. The reusable and durable crate can be flat-packed for transport and storage. The crates are stackable, and each unit is made to the customer's size specifications, ensuring a perfect solution that optimizes protective function and volumetric fit for each unique use case.

There is no minimum order quantity and we can fulfil smaller orders on short lead time. This makes the Rebul Freight Crate a 100% customizable solution for a wide variety of industries, including art, furnishings and decor, relocations and freight and logistics and many more.
stacked freight crates for assembly
custom made freight crate
freight crate with base for art
Our Freight Crate offers a completely scalable solution, from lightweight crates suitable for airline carry-on luggage to large-size custom crating created for fragile machinery. It has an innovative opening and closing mechanism facilitates easy customs inspection and the product is perfectly suited for airfreight and exports.

Made with paper honeycomb board using a patented assembly system and containing no wood, the crates are ISPM15 exempt, freeing them from the restrictions certain countries place on wood packaging.
making freight cartes for shipping
m,easuring custom boxes for shipping
opened freight crate

Rebul Freight Crate Advantages

Developed and refined over 10 years, the internationally patent protected Rebul Freight Crate has proven itself to be an environmentally friendly, tough and versatile alternative to standard wooden crating. It offers a number of competitive advantages:

• 100% recyclable and biodegradable
• Lightweight and manageable by anyone
• Up to 70% lighter than timber equivalent
• Simple assembly – no tools, nails or screws required
• Re-usable
• Carefully made to order and made to size
• No limitations on order sizes
• Custom sizing increases volumetric efficiency
• Customized inner supports to fit and protect any cargo
• Able to withstand loads up to 1 ton
• Stackable, flat-packable to reduce storage and transport requirements
• Impact resistant and shock absorbant
• Integrated pallet bearers allow the use of fork-lifts and pallet jacks
• Stackable loads of up to 1 ton
• 100% ISPM15 exempt, so no complications for international shipping
• Suited to airfreight -
• Easy customs inspection
• Made from recycled or renewably grown paper.
• Product is patent protected worldwide
different sixed freight crates
standing freight crate

Rebul Custom Freight Crate

Material Glue: Water-based, Non-hazardous
Paper Core: 25% recycled, 75% sustainably grown, virgin
Paper Liner: 100% sustainably grown, virgin
Wrapping Paper: 50% recycled, 50% sustainably grown, virgin
Tube Paper Inner: 100% recycled
Tube Paper Outer: 50% recycled, 50% sustainably grown, virgin

B Cell Kraft Standard Thickness: 35mm

Other Sizes: Crates can be manufactured to any dimensions required, only the 35mm Kraft boards are used for these products. Please contact us for further information or recommendations from our vastly experienced sales team.
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