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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wrap the piece before measuring?

It is always preferred to wrap the item incase of any scuffing inside the crate – wrapping also provides an additional layer of protection

How do I know when I need to palletize the crate?

We can make recommendations for you based on the dimensions of the products and weight of the goods. Also how the goods will be transported is very important.

How do I know what type of crate will work for my goods?

YES ! using the serial number which is on each panel of the crate – we can then remake a panel based on this info.

Does Rebul Return used crates?

We can arrange collection of old crates and we can then dispose of them with our waste.

Can Rebul Make up individual panels for a crate that has been used and damaged?

Understanding the weight of the goods gives us an indication if the crate needs a pallet. Anything over 50 – 80KG will be handled with pallet jack or forklift when the goods are offloaded or loaded.

Does Rebul have a service where they can go out and measure on site for me?

We are able to assess goods on site – we take bookings in order to plan assessments.

Does Rebul offer transport services?

We do have preferred transporters who we can refer you too for the transport / Export of goods.

Does Rebul offer a delivery service?

YES we do. We have nominal charges up to 50KM + distance from our factory in Epping and in Clayville

Have further questions?

We'd be happy to help.
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