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August 1, 2023

Custom Made Boxes

At Rebul Packaging, we recognize that every client and product is unique, and so are their packaging needs. When it comes to protecting and securing unique shaped, fragile, and valuable items during transit standard packaging solutions like ordinary cartons, cardboard boxes, off-the-shelf containers, or wooden alternatives are usually not enough. You need specially made packaging and boxes that offer the best level of protection and safety for your goods and products to their destination. We specialize in making custom-made boxes designed to the unique of each item, destination and mode of travel with a zero minimum order size or quantity on all our boxes.

custom boxes stacked in truck

Custom Made Box Types

Each box is custom made according to the dimensions of the items, weight and destination. All boxes are sustainably made using honeycomb paper boards, recycled paper, and water based glue. This makes our boxes the ideal sustainable and eco-friendly packing solution compared to other offerings. Our custom made box solutions are available in three types: Freight Crates, Interlock Crates, and Hybrid Crates.

Freight Crates: lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to wooden crates. They are designed to provide the user with maximum protection whilst being up 70% lighter in weight. The crates are made using 35mm honeycomb boards making them the ideal solution to protect and transport heavy and fragile items. They have been used extensively to pack and transport furniture, art, sculptures, machinery and other valuable, odd shaped, bulky and high value objects.

custom made freight box
custom made boxes at Rebul Cape Town Factory

Interlock Crates: offer more protection than normal normal cardboard boxes would do. These boxes can be made using either 10mm, 16mm, 22mm or 35mm boards depending on the desired level of protection required. They are the ideal boxing solution for those who need packaging for fragile, and valuable items while being weight sensitive. The boxes have been used extensively to pack and ship ceramics, paintings, electronics around the world.

stacked custom interlock boxes
custom interlock box example

Hybrid Crates: are designed to provide maximum protection with a simplistic approach. They are a combination of some of the unique features of both the Freight Crates and Interlock Crates. It is ideal for packing bulkier, mid-sized items that maximum protection such as glass, ceramics, furniture, and other uniquely shaped valuable items.

custom box with wrapped object
custom made hybrid  boxes with wrapped items

Box Customization Options

Due to the unique needs of each item, weight, shape and destination, we can customize each box for easy handling, loading, opening, and improved security and protection. Depending on each item's uniqueness, box customization options include adding handles, honeycomb pallets, reinforced bases, different lid openings, dividers, plywood base integration, timber pallet integration.

We try as best possible to cater to each individual need and are always keen to find the best possible solution to pack and protect in a cost effective manner.

custom box with dividers
custom box with plywood base

Why Choose Rebul Custom Boxes:

  1. Recyclable and biodegradable: all boxes are made using recycled paper, biodegradable honeycomb boards and water based glue.
  2. Customization: each box can be individually needs to the item's needs and your specifications.
  3. Stackable: the unique honeycomb structure within the boards that are used to make the boxes gives them a high weight to strength ratio that allows the box se to be stacked one upon another for various layers.
  4. Versatile Options: Choose from a variety of lid opening and handle options to meet your specific needs.
  5. Weight-Optimized: We offer custom boxes made from different board thicknesses. These are precisely made to the weight of your packages, giving the ideal balance of protection and less weight.
  6. Zero minimum order size or quantity: Whether you need one box or a hundred no matter the size, we've got you covered. No minimum order amount means you get exactly what you need, when you need it.
  7. Convenient Delivery: We offer flexible delivery options. Making sure that your custom boxes reach you when and where you need them.

Common usage

Our custom packaging boxes have been used to ship, pack and store a wide range of fragile, odd/uniquely shaped, sensitive, and valuable items such as ceramics, bicycles, art, furniture, decor, sculptures. surfboards, mirrors, pianos, displays, chandeliers, equipment, machinery, wines, umbrellas, tents, solar panels, drones and electronics. We serve and services individuals, small to large companies from logistics, arts, design, manufacturing, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. We have a zero minimum order size or quantity for all boxes.

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